My Account fields

Here you can find the different fields to fill your profile properly:

Created atDate and time on which the account was created
First LoginThe date and time on the first login were processed
Last LoginThe date and time on the last login were processed
EmailEnd-User's email address
NameEnd-User's name
SurnameEnd-User's surname
PayPal EmailEmail assigned to the End user's Paypal account
CountryCurrent residency country of the End-User
Default languageThe default language of the platform
CityCurrent residency city of the End-User
StreetCurrent residency street of the End-User
Postal CodeCurrent residency postal code of the End-User
CompanyMark as true in case the End-User's account is managed by a company
Company nameName of the company managing the End-User's account (no need to fill if the previous option is not marked as true)
Fiscal Identity Number
  • For business: Fiscal identity code.

  • For individuals: ID code, Tax ID, Pan Number, EIN, ITIN

Country PhoneThe country in which the End-User's contact phone belongs to

Contact Phone

End-User's contact phone number